Home Life

My home life situation has not much changed in the last year, however it is about to change abruptly in the next few months.

I still live with my mom in Arizona, however we recently moved to the heart of the city which is infinitely better in every way. The only problem is that Mom and I are sharing a small one bedroom apartment, which is mostly my fault. I had intended to move out from my mom’s by now and my transition between jobs took much longer than anticipated.

Sometime around February last year, I quit my job at Bath and Body Works and, in June, received a promotion to Front Office Manager at the hotel I was working at. The promotion came with a two dollar raise which had me getting paid $11.00/hour. I was happy because I worked very hard for this and I was finally receiving recognition. However, things turned sour very fast.

As a manager, I was expected to be on call 24/7 and there were many times where I had to go to work in the middle of the night or interrupt dates to help my incompetent staff. I was ok with being on call as I understood it was implied in being a manager. The thing was, when I had to go to work outside of my shift, I would get harassed if I clocked in. I easily worked ten hours off the clock every week. Now, you may be wondering, how can a company have an hourly manager who is on call? They can’t. In payroll, I was listed as a supervisor, which does not have nearly as much access as I did and who is not on call. I would work ten hour days with my General Manager scrambling to get our work done but as soon as I hit 40 hours, I was forced to clock out and go home. Can’t have overtime! But that didn’t mean I wasn’t on call anymore, or that I couldn’t work from home. It was physically impossible to finish my workload with a 40 hour per week schedule.

So after a couple months of that, I gave that company the middle finger and took on this amazing temporary job as an archaeologist. A close friend of mine, from the hotel, got her degree in Anthropology and European History (I believe) and her goal is to be a full time archaeologist. A project outside of town came up and she got hired for the ten week program right away. When the project came closer, my friend approached me and asked if I would apply. I was so desperate to leave the hotel that I did and got hired! This job was the best. The commute was four hours round trip, but we were paid for half of it and worked four days a week with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. We dug in the dirt and had way too much fun. I was told at the end of the project that I was welcome to come help out again if there is another nearby project.

The project ended mid-November and I am now working part time at Bath and Body Works again. I am looking for a full time job, but I have not had much luck so far.

If you guys have any ideas for places to apply, let me know!


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