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May 24, 2011

The Marbury Lens

I have been seriously neglecting my book reviews, and for that – I am sorry. What can I say? New boyfriends take up a lot of your attention ❤

But either way, The Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith was a book I read months ago and still can’t get out of my mind. For those of you who haven’t heard about it yet, here is the author’s summary:

After being kidnapped and barely escaping, sixteen-year-old Jack goes to London with his best friend Conner, where someone gives him a pair of glasses that send him to an alternate universe where war is raging, he is responsible for the survival of two younger boys, and Conner is trying to kill them all.

                                                                                                                                 -Andrew Smith

I was very apprehensive picking up the book at first, seeing as it is meant more for the male audience. I was promptly proved wrong. This is not just a book of a dude doing manly things (although there was plenty of that), there is also romance, some good-ol teenage angst, and a sick pedophile that will definitely make the hairs on your neck stand up. You are sucked into the book immediately and your attention is kept to the end. The characters are dynamic and real, and poor Jack is perfectly articulated. It is written in first person, Jack’s, and often times the emotions translate to the reader. I found myself having to put down the book just to breathe and think on my own.

I made the mistake of beginning this book late at night, which only put the icing on the cake as Jack is kidnapped in the first five pages (don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything). I didn’t get enough sleep that night because I absolutely could not stop reading. If I did not have school or any other priorities, I could have easily finished the book in a matter of hours.

I have been recommending this book to all of my friends who are suffering the “there’s nothing to read” spell. Even my mom has begun reading The Marbury Lens. I absolutely think you should read this if you like any of the details listed above.

Oh, and this book is a multi award winning novel.

Well done, Andy!

 Emily Treat


PS. The Marbury Lens has inspired me to read other books by Andrew Smith. I have just begun In The Path Of Falling Objects, and I have a strong feeling this book will not disappoint me. Review coming soon. ALSO, Stick will be released in October, Andy’s most recent work of art. My skin is crawling.