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November 11, 2010

I’m Desperate

I need a boyfriend this instant. I’m going to loose my mind. For the past two nights I have been having embarrassing dreams…. A particular moment that puzzled me was when I made out with a cute guy that had a crush on another girl. The startling detail was when I woke up and realized I recognized the boy. It was not Bass Guy but a boy who has been volunteering with me.

I have been debating on giving up on Bass Guy. My efforts are futile. So I guess my mind has moved on to the next subject already. I don’t know his name, but he is cute, funny, and cares about the environment. That just sounds so fabulous to me. I’m gonna try to talk to him now and let Bass Guy fade into the background for a while. I have not given up on him yet though. Wow, I sound like such a slut. Damn it.

I must find out this guys name!

Emily Treat

November 11, 2010

Love Theory

So, as I was getting ready to face the next chapter in my life, also known as college, my friends and mom teamed up and created this theory of how I was going to find the love of my life.

The theory went something like this:

1. I’m going to walk into my first class on the first day of school and I’m going to sit down in the front (because I’m a nerd).

2. A boy is going to sit behind me.

3. I’m going to fall in love and we will one day get married and have two kids and live happily ever after.

The first day of college comes and there I was sitting in the front seat, fidgeting like a nervous wreck. The class was English and I was crashing it. I was unable to enroll in the class because it filled up too quickly, so technically, it wasn’t actually my first class. But I counted it. A very cute boy with long eyelashes sat behind me, thank God! I analyzed every last bit of him and came to the conclusion that this was not my man.

I walked into my Native American Studies class and was faced with a huge problem. The seats were staggered. How was I possibly going to know who was behind me? I sat in the front and waited gingerly. I stared down every student that walked in, critiquing them. I’m not normally like this, I just didn’t want to miss out on something important.

Then he walked in. Now, I am nowhere near in love, but I definitely have a raging crush on that man. He was carrying a huge upright bass in a ragged black soft case. I don’t care how cliché I sound right now, but he is the epidemy of tall, dark, and mysterious. I have dubbed him Bass Guy and he is now the center of my thoughts.

Emily Treat

November 11, 2010

Relationship Background

In middle school, I dated one boy, who turned out to be my best friend that I had confused as more. It was a really bland relationship that lasted for a whopping 3 months. We never did anything more than hold hands, and even that was a rare occurrence. We broke up, but it was definitely for the better. We are still best friends and not 2 years after our break up, he came out as gay. And do you know what’s even worse? I knew it.

Then came high school. Throughout which, I struggled to find a boyfriend. I dated a guy for one week only to have him date my sister for the next three years. No harsh feelings though, we are just not compatible. I then made the mistake of dating a guy I met online, through my cousin. That relationship was a waste of my time and awkward to the max.  And the result of this lack of men? The classic never-been-kissed scenario. 

However, never been kissed has its own complications. One, technically my lips have met with three people. My first, technically, kiss was on stage with my first boyfriend. You know, the gay one. We were playing husband and wife and a stage kiss was necessary. The other two were a result of truth or dare. Everyone who was playing that night knew I had no experience in the kissing department, so, luckily, I was spared some of the more intense make-out sessions. One boy got the genius idea of making me kiss the girl next to me for 7 seconds. So. Awkward. And then there was the follow up 7 minutes in heaven. My friends were too lazy to sit around for 7minutes, thank God, and shortened it to 2 minutes. I got crammed in a closet with an apparently hott, I disagree, man who was blindfolded and who also proceed to pin me to a wall and attack me with his lips. Horrifying.

(I just want to point out that at this point, I am probably looking like a partier. I am certainly not a partier and am actually extremely straight laced when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Neither substances were at the party, but sober teenagers.)

So, to simplify all of that, I have never been kissed by my boyfriend.


Emily Treat

P.S. this whole dating background does not mean I have not been rejected. I have asked out two boys (and another indirectly) and have been rejected by each.