Love Life

I am in love again! After my year long rebound, I found the most magnificent man. My friends and I joke that he was made in a factory, which may be red flags to you, but trust me. Just a few days ago marked seven months of happiness.

We went on our first date on June 3, 2014 (coffee shop, he taught me how to play backgammon), which was just before my life took a really nasty turn with the hotel. He stayed by my side through my manic rants about how much I hated my job and rubbed my back when I sat on his bed at 3am coaching my employees on how to do their job. He even hugged me and laughed when I had to leave one of our dates to help some construction workers with the new TV.

When I told him that I got the archaeology job, I swear he almost cried from pure joy. Or from exhaustion, who really knows.

My boyfriend used to be a fourth grade math teacher, but quit because he couldn’t stand how the school system treated children in bad homes. He is currently attending school for Computer Science and will likely go into IT. He’s incredibly intelligent, crafty, and kind. His smile is gorgeous (one of the main reasons I spoke to him on OKCupid for the first time). His circle of friends are also an absolutely fantastic group of people. We all get together to play boardgames pretty regularly, and my boyfriend and I go out on pretty regular dates still. Even his frickin family is amazing! They are all smart and accepting and funny.

After I met his family at his brother’s recent wedding, I was moved to tears. I got in my car a sobbed at how immaculate that weekend was. I don’t think is was necessarily a bad cry, but more of an enlightened cry. I know that sounds cheesy, but it was right near the end of that hotel job and I was at my wit’s end. I was probably starting to go a little insane.

If there is anything going in the right direction right now, it’s this. I feel so much love for this man, I still can’t quite find adequate words for it yet.


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