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February 7, 2011

Make My Day

For those of you who are friends of mine on FB, you know that I posted about my crappy day. Today has been the lamest day of the year so far for many people. Even my friends are having a rough day!

I guess I’ll start with why this day has been so crummy.

1. Panic. Last night, I was in the living room by myself and I wound up letting my mind wander too far. To a point of a panic attack. I immediately grabbed a coat and my iPod and marched out the door to go for a walk. The only problem was that it was midnight and I was nursing a sore throat. I walked to the art quad and decided to sit down and work through my thoughts to calm myself down. Eventually, I got cold so I headed back to my dorm and laid in bed. I would have done this in the first place, but my roommate has sunk back into hermit mode which has resulted in her not leaving the room for three days. I needed alone time and I couldn’t find it, so I laid there thinking, until I passed out in the early hours of the morning. (PS, the root of the panic attack was Bass Guy)

2. Attendance. My attendance has been down right embarrassing lately. To a point where Delilah is threatening me. I was sick recently, and sometimes just stayed up too late to even think about going to class. This morning it was both. I woke up with a searing headache and flaming throat along with a haunting depression left over from my late night panic attack. By the time I fully woke up, I had already missed my first two classes of the day and my next class was tap dance. There was no way I was going to be able to dance, I felt like Jell-O. I had also never missed tap before, so I wasn’t worries about missing it today. I did drag myself to history, however. All I could think about was how I was going to explain my attendance to both Delilah and Bass Guy (whom has previously teased me about my missing classes). I decided to just suck it up and let them harass me. Hopefully, I would learn if I felt their wrath.

3. Sickness. This is the fourth week of the semester and I am already sick for the second time. My theory is that I never healed completely to begin with, but either way, I woke up sick. My chest has been super tight all day and at least the headache let up a bit. I am calling the health center tomorrow and getting myself some antibiotics.

Regardless of all those complaints of mine, I am happy as a bell right now. Why? Bass Guy.

As I previously mentioned, I posted my complaints of today’s suck-age on FB. Well a few minutes later, I see Bass Guy sign on, and sign off. I was a little bummed, but my day already sucked to begin with – so I didn’t complain. However, not a minute after he signs off, I notice that I missed a call and that I had a message. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I expected my mom’s voice to come on as I listened to the message. But, no. It was Bass Guy. The message went along the lines of, “Hey, just wanted to see what’s up, call me back if you want.” And so I did.

Turns out he saw my message and was worried about me. He wanted to make sure I was alright.

Even just writing this makes my heart swell. This is like real boyfriend/girlfriend stuff! He cared about me enough to call me. He easily could have IMed me or even just posted something on the status, nope! He was a real gentleman and wanted to hear it from my own mouth. Ahhh, that so made my day. Maybe even my week.

Bass Guy, I think I may like  you a lot more than I let myself think.

 Emily Treat

February 1, 2011

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