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October 27, 2011


For someone who has “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” I have not been living up to Gandhi’s expectations. Or even my own.

I have just learned how to think. Think about the world (or country) I live in, think of the education I am paying for, think about the TV shows I watch and the books I don’t make enough time to read.

Most of you are probably sitting there thinking, “Emily, you are 19 and are enrolled in a university and is currently leading a grand life. You do read, and you do think. So what is all this hype about?”

Well, here is the explanation:

Yes, I am, and I do, all of that. But not quite in the right way. Sure I read and analyzed East of Eden with a class. I am currently battling my way through The Brother’s Karamazov on my own. But that’s it. In 19 years, that is how much progress I have made. To me, that is not enough. I do not read any sort of news paper, and the only information I know about politics (foreign and domestic) is because my boyfriend told me. That is embarrassing. I am an ignorant American and, from what little I have learned of America in this last month, that makes me sick.

So, what am I doing? Well, I am reading, mostly. I have started with Empire of Illusion, which is a little dramatic – but very invigorating. It makes you passionately angry and America, which is pretty nice. The second chapter is very hard to sit through because it is about the pornography industry. Otherwise, it is a very easy read, 200 pages.

Also, I am removing myself from all social media sites and other things of the sort. I don’t really need them anymore anyway, and since I am perpetually complaining of mot having enough time in the day, why waste my time on Facebook?

I will keep everyone updated as my thoughts progress.


Emily Treat