Mental Life

This is a new page, but really should have been added a while ago.

I have been really emotionally unstable lately, mostly because I have experienced so many sudden changes in my life that could not be stopped no matter how hard I tried.

Completing college became infinitely more difficult about a year ago, because grades suddenly became the least of my worries (read more in the College Life page). My first major relationship came to a screaming halt (read more in the Love Life page). And I have uprooted my life to move to my least favorite state in the country to work two jobs and figure out a way to keep my life going in the direction of my dreams. This whirlwind of challenges has left me confused about which way is up for a good year now. I am just now getting my feet on the ground and can actually think straight. Progress!

I was on antidepressants for a few months and most lost my mind when I unexpectedly ran out of pills and didn’t have the time or money to get a refill. I am drug free (except for the medicine for Endometriosis) and functioning, but have developed some new ticks that make me a little nuts. My road rage being one of them. I have always had road rage, however I have hit a pinnacle of craziness inside my car because I have called Mom twice bawling my eyes out from the traffic and exhaustion.  I am also extremely touchy at work, although I hope my professionalism covers that enough for the guests.

I am a mess right now, but like I said, I am calming down and finally seeing my path clear of obstacles. I am more optimistic and I learned that reading is my therapy. I am much more calm when I have read that day, so I have been making an effort to read at least one hour every day. It helps greatly. Very soon I will be a normal human again!


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