Speaking of Strange Encounters

I am going through a massive update of my blog and I started tagging strange events I had experienced as “strange encounter.” I have publish two articles involving strange people I have met up north, one of which was flirting with me.

These stories have sparked some memories of a very, very strange encounter.

About a year ago, I began chatting on FB with a boy from my hometown who was enrolled at my college. He seemed pretty cool and I am open to gaining some friends. He began flirting with me a few weeks later and I ignored the cyber advances.

After a few weeks of flirting, he decided to ask me out on a hike. This was clearly before Bass Guy and I were serious, but I was still not fast enough on my feet to think of a way out. So I said I was too busy with school work and we should reschedule.

It was at that moment when he sent this message:

Rhetorically speaking, how would you feel if you had anal sex with me in the forest?”

Uh, what? I didn’t realize I gave off an anal in the woods kind of vibe.

Either way, I told him I would never do such a thing with someone I hardly knew and our conversations ended. Forever.



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