Open Mic

Talk about having a blast! I have been occasionally attending my schools Monday night Open Mic shows to support friends, or just simply have a relaxing afternoon.

This one was different, however.

I have a friend who has recently joined the Jazz Orchestra and befriended Bass Guy. Once my friend got word of me going on dates with Bass Guy, he concocted a plan. You see, John (my friend), one day was telling me about how he was going to play at open mic, but was apprehensive to play on by himself. So, what better idea would it to be than to ask Bass Guy to come along. He gladly complied to perform.

Once at the open mic, Bass Guy and John are the opening act, and they ROCKED. Dropped jaws and shocked silence racked the room. When they came back to sit down with the group, we continued playful banter the rest of the night. At one point Bass Guy mentioned he was thinking of maybe playing some guitar and singing. So I jumped at the chance. I told him he should totally go play some and he played two songs.

OMFG. Delicious. He was so good, it was wonderful. The second song he played was “Lovin’ Is All I Got” and I about died. So good! Anyway, someone wanted to sing Purple Rain, and it turned out Bass Guy could also play that song. All of my friends were completely won over by Bass Guy tonight. Now they see what I see. A funny, smart, talkative musician (WHO IS STRAIGHT!!).

After open mic I signed onto FB as pure habit and was browsing when I noticed him sign on. I decided to send him a compliment on his performances and we talked for a little while about simple things. Turns out he is extremely self conscious about his singing voice. And he is interested in learning how to dance (better). Hmmm, I must concoct a plan.

Oh, btw, I got to feel his HAND! No I did not hold it, I gave him two high fives after he stepped off stage. His hands are so soft. And when I was high fiving him, our fingers kind of got caught, so it was like a 5 millisecond hand hold. So wonderful.

Haha, I’m so star struck.

 Emily Treat


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