Well, Isn’t That Nice?

So this sweet guy on FB (Ok, he might not be sweet at all, idk) requested to be my friend and I accepted. I noticed that we shared 8 friends, so I must know him, right? Anyway, in the time it took me to accept the request, get out of bed, get dressed, brush my teeth, and sit on the couch – he had already found my number and texted me.

It was nice that he TEXTED ME!! If you didn’t catch the hint, I am still waiting on a text from Bass Guy. Although we have been having great chats.

To be nice, I texted back and his third text message to me was:

“So Emily, I was looking through your pictures and you’re really cute (smiley face) And are you still in (my home town) or did you go back home already?”

Ok, so despite the creepiness of the whole situation. This kid has some serious balls, which I respect. I kindly told him that I was not in town, and although I appreciated the compliment, I was interested in someone else.

He continued on to tell me that he was sorry and he was just lonely. And is now telling me to hook him up with one of my friends. Ok, no. It is now your cue to leave, sir. You have gone too far.

Either way, this has gotten me thinking. Should I remove my status as single? You know, stop teasing lonely guys and give Bass Guy a little startle? But then again, Bass Guy might not be that interested. So if I change it, will he give up and walk away? With a little insecure shrug, justify that the non-existent guy was probably a better fit? I DO NOT want that to happen by any means. And what if he asks why I changed it? Well, I’m only interested in you, I don’t want to give other guys the wrong impression. Sure, that’ll go over well.

Then again, if he is interested, things might be a bit different.

 Emily Treat


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