I’m Going Home

To the place where I belong! Haha, I just had to.

But I really am going back to my hometown for break. I will get to see my dad again for the first time since August as well as my friends (some of them I haven’t seen since July). I have never been without my friends for so long, but now that I can see them all again all at once, I don’t mind the break. It would be great to still be able to see them everyday at school, but I understand that I made the decision to move away for school.

Here I come, friends!!

However, today I had to say goodbye to a newer friend I made at college. Tiffany was an exchange student who only stayed for the semester… And now the semester is over. I got choked up when I was hugging her, but I feel like we will cross paths again some day. I will miss you!

Emily Treat


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