The Massive World of Literature

My senior year of high school I took my first ever AP English class. Which was amazing! This class opened my eyes to the vast universe of LITERATURE. Most people would groan at the thought of having to read those seemingly endless pages of nonsense and fancy words. Why would anyone bother to read that on their free time? Well, I would.

I am determined to read all the literature I can before I die! However, I don’t know what books I should read. Any suggestions?

Here is the list I have developed so far:
-The Brother’s Karamazov
-Don Quixote
-Wuthering Heights
-East of Eden
Yeah, it’s a short list! So give me more.

While we are on the topic of reading, I will make sure to keep you posted on my progress through the books.

*If you know of any fabulous books that are not literature, but still worth reading, please feel free to tell me.

Emily Treat


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