Love Theory

So, as I was getting ready to face the next chapter in my life, also known as college, my friends and mom teamed up and created this theory of how I was going to find the love of my life.

The theory went something like this:

1. I’m going to walk into my first class on the first day of school and I’m going to sit down in the front (because I’m a nerd).

2. A boy is going to sit behind me.

3. I’m going to fall in love and we will one day get married and have two kids and live happily ever after.

The first day of college comes and there I was sitting in the front seat, fidgeting like a nervous wreck. The class was English and I was crashing it. I was unable to enroll in the class because it filled up too quickly, so technically, it wasn’t actually my first class. But I counted it. A very cute boy with long eyelashes sat behind me, thank God! I analyzed every last bit of him and came to the conclusion that this was not my man.

I walked into my Native American Studies class and was faced with a huge problem. The seats were staggered. How was I possibly going to know who was behind me? I sat in the front and waited gingerly. I stared down every student that walked in, critiquing them. I’m not normally like this, I just didn’t want to miss out on something important.

Then he walked in. Now, I am nowhere near in love, but I definitely have a raging crush on that man. He was carrying a huge upright bass in a ragged black soft case. I don’t care how cliché I sound right now, but he is the epidemy of tall, dark, and mysterious. I have dubbed him Bass Guy and he is now the center of my thoughts.

Emily Treat


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