I’m Desperate

I need a boyfriend this instant. I’m going to loose my mind. For the past two nights I have been having embarrassing dreams…. A particular moment that puzzled me was when I made out with a cute guy that had a crush on another girl. The startling detail was when I woke up and realized I recognized the boy. It was not Bass Guy but a boy who has been volunteering with me.

I have been debating on giving up on Bass Guy. My efforts are futile. So I guess my mind has moved on to the next subject already. I don’t know his name, but he is cute, funny, and cares about the environment. That just sounds so fabulous to me. I’m gonna try to talk to him now and let Bass Guy fade into the background for a while. I have not given up on him yet though. Wow, I sound like such a slut. Damn it.

I must find out this guys name!

Emily Treat


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